No YouTube For You.

Dude. We both know why you’re here—because you want to watch something on YouTube. Well, no. No YouTube for you.

Why? Because it has led to countless wasted hours. Because you have a hard time saying “no.” Because it leads to long binge sessions and “just one more” click traps. Because you can’t seem to ever find enough entertainment—every video you watch leaves you feeling like there’s gotta be more out there (and that’s by design, of course!). And because, frankly, your work-life is better without it. Plus, you promised.

Keep Your Promise, Bro

Watching YouTube instead of working reflects a critical failure in your calling to be a man who brings glory to God by being skillful in his work and providing for his family. Watching YouTube instead of working is an irresponsible and immature response to the stresses in your life. But most important of all, watching YouTube during work hours is a violation of the promise that you made to Jen.

You promised her that unless you specifically contacted her, you wouldn’t watch it anymore. So what are you doing trying to break that promise?


There Are Better Fish, Bro

Want to be entertained while you work? Well, first of all, your work comes first, so man up and buckle down. Second of all, whatever you choose, it has to be able to occupy your SECONDARY focus, not your PRIMARY focus. Your job is not to be entertained, so don’t put the cart before the horse.

Secondly, there are other forms of media you can choose. Remember music? Remember movies that you’ve already seen? Having to stop what you’re doing every 8 minutes to choose a new video is a waste of your time and talents. So go find better fish, Bro.


Bottom Line

Wanna watch in the evening while you work? Be my guest. But not during normal work hours. Not anymore. No YouTube—for you.